{Pam} Pretty in Pink

Congratulations to Pam, Sam, and Jaya!  They will have a new addition to their family in a few short weeks!  This stunning mama totally rocked out in her pale pink dress.  I can't wait to meet your little one and I know Jaya will be a wonderful big sister!

Seriously? Rawr.

Pam Basi Maternity-14
Pam Basi Maternity-26
Pam Basi Maternity-44
Pam Basi Maternity-9
Pam Basi Maternity-36
Pam Basi Maternity-52
Pam Basi Maternity-62
Pam Basi Maternity-76
Pam Basi Maternity-82
Pam Basi Maternity-92
Pam Basi Maternity-100
Pam Basi Maternity-105
Pam Basi Maternity-118

Jaya decided to show her mom how to pose!  She's such a cutie!

Pam Basi Maternity-119